We can be aliens

December 4, 2010 at 3:40 pm (Random thoughts)

Well not proper aliens, but more like the alleged alien from K-Pax. At first I thought that Prot was a schizophrenic, but actually he was nothing more than a person with a higher level of enlightenment of the spirit than the average. It’s funny how sometimes the two come to be confounded, isn’t it?

Coming back to the term ‘alien’, in my opinion, its meaning was restricted in this film to a superior state of the spirit that is able to cure and to change things for the better. In other words, when your mind would be strong enough to identify the problem and to realise that it can also solve it, then you’ll figure out that a doctor, however good he may be, cannot do the job better than yourself.  “All beings have the capacity to cure themselves.” But we kind of seem to have forgotten it and prefer to put our blind trust into a person whose only advantage is to have read a bunch of theory and performed some exercise to see how it works in practice; a person called ‘doctor’. See, what people don’t understand is that a doctor does not cure you; he only shows you how to cure yourself.

Another interesting idea in this film is the questioning of some principles that we take for granted. An example of the kind would be the so-called policy ‘an eye for an eye’, which happens to be the principle on which our society was founded and which according to Prot ‘is known throughout the universe for its stupidity.’ This makes anarchy, which is in fact a pretty nice regime, unsuitable for the human community because people are still scared of the absence of laws, instead of that stupid duo – reward & punishment – that unfortunately has deep roots in their minds.


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