”I love you!”so much

January 26, 2011 at 6:00 pm (Random thoughts)

Is it that important to say “I love you”? There are relationships that actually rely on the perpetual utterance of these words. But when you think it through, you realise that if you say it too often, that is, in moments where you don’t really feel overwhelmed by this feeling, it becomes nothing but a mechanical habit. So why spoil it?

There are people who believe that if their significant other doesn’t say those three words several times a day, then his/her feeling is not for real. But we already know that words are not the only way to express thoughts and feelings. Sometimes non verbal communication conveys more information than the words alone; not to mention the fact that body language cannot lie. 🙂 So if you feel passion in your beloved one’s kiss, if you feel that when he cuddles you, he does it with enough strength to shatter you, if you see tenderness in his eyes when he’s looking at you, the linguistic expression of these gestures is redundant.  I’m not saying that we shouldn’t say “I love you” at all, but it’s better off to say it spontaneously than to say it as if you were performing a task from your to-do list.

In my opinion, as stupid as it may seem, everybody loves by means of “I love you”.  So because my love is different from other people’s love, I show it in my own way. And in my way of showing love and affection, the words “I love you” play a very insignificant part.

Oh, and the ‘measurements’ of this linguistic expression are… 🙂 (trying to stop laughing)…puerile.


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