King and queen

March 17, 2012 at 10:11 pm (From beyond reality) (, , , , )

I often imagine life as a game of chess. Fighting. Pleading. Making decisions. Making sacrifices. Losing people we care about or people that we only meet. And at the end of the game, winning, losing or remaining paralysed. Realizing that the victory is actually the gameplay itself.  You’re made of wood. You’re made of the body and the spirit. You’re made of the king and the queen.

The king and the queen. Generally seen as a couple. I imagine them rather as a duality. One existence living as two inseparable complementary entities. They’re inseparable, yet they live separately. They wait to find each other. The king, the locked-in power and the queen, free but deprived of the sense of direction. They complete each other and the king cannot possibly win the game without his queen.

And in the end who are you playing against? The destiny? The result of passive-aggressive behavior, where the force of justice brings about its reaction to the act of “no-action”? What’s your weapon? The chain of the decisions that you make on your trip through the chessboard? Your experience and the network of people of whom you are surrounded?

So many questions…


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